1 Residential and Commercial Security Systems

Residential & Commercial Security SystemsHomes and businesses without security systems are about 3 times more likely to be broken into than those with security systems. Protech will install a ULC certified security system customized to fit your needs. Protech security systems will protect your property from burglary, fire, flood, carbon monoxide or medical emergencies.

Our systems use state of the art technologies, incorporating easy to use features such as color touch screen keypads that make arming and disarming the system simple, motion detection for security breaches past doors and windows, and one touch signal notification for immediate police, fire, or medical emergency assistance.

All of our systems are ULC Monitored 24/7 for as low as $18.99!!!

2 CCTV Video Surveillance

CCTV Video SurveillanceProperty crimes and break-ins are a big concern for homeowners and businesses. Security cameras are your best line of defense. These high-quality CCTV packages enable you to monitor every area of your home or business, including high traffic areas such as driveways, front doors, back yards, garages, living rooms and entryways. Helping you protect your home and family is our priority, and our trained consultants are available to assist you every step of the way.

All cameras are hooked up to their own DVR or NVR and can be set up to record on motion detection for a period of time before and after the event so if you’re away and someone comes to your front door or there’s some activity in the house you’ll get a notification by email to your phone letting you know there’s been activity on a certain camera. You can then log in to see what happened or who was at your front door.

3 Automation and Control

Automation and ControlControl your entire home and monitor the status of lights, HVAC, cameras and audio/video components from any computer or web based device in addition to security protection either in the home or from a remote location. Push the ‘Away’ button when you leave the house and the home is now in a pre-defined Away Mode; All of the TV’s and audio gear turn off, Your HVAC turns to a certain level to save energy until you return, the lights turn on and off in certain areas of the home at certain times of the day depending on how much daylight there is, the TV comes on for half an hour or so at night and all the surveillance cameras are set to record any time they sense motion and send you an email to your phone to notify you so you can log in to view the activity.

Home Automation can help you make today’s complex home tasks as easy as pushing a button!!

4 Whole home Audio/Video

2013-10-17134613_zpsd847b405You now have the ability to centralize all of your Audio and Video Sources in one location by relocating the cable/satellite box, Blu-Ray player, game console, iPod, etc… in every room that you want to use them.

A central rack hidden away in a remote location in the house (Usually the basement equipment room) contains all of the gear allowing you to use it in any zone of the home. You can have the iPod playing through the kitchen speakers while the kitchen TV is showing the front door camera.

5 Home Theaters and TV Mounting

Media and Home TheatersWe are Guelph’s most reliable wall-mount TV Installation Service and are available 7 days a week. LED and LCD, Plasma, Flat-Panel TV installation. We can provide wall mounting brackets or we can use yours. We always bring extra high-quality HTML cables to the job in case you need one or a few. Big screens, big sound, big comforts and big costs are what normally come to mind when thinking of home theaters, but smaller designs can be accomplished cost effectively and can provide the entire family many years of entertainment and pleasure.

Larger more elaborate rooms can offer more space, intricately designed interiors, acoustical treatments, automated shading systems, lighting controls, higher end equipment, etc. One thing is for sure, the theater experience can be brought to your home for nearly any budget.

6 Access Control

Access ControlAccess control is a means of granting or restriction access to those users or employees who are authorized to have access to your premises. It consists of computerized controllers and electronic locks. Unlike keys which work 24-hours a day, with customized credentials you can restrict access to certain times of day for certain uses. Additionally, every time a credential is presented, whether access is granted or not, it is logged in the Access Control software. This information can be used to track employees, provide mustering information, and along with time-keeping software, provide detailed workforce time management information.

When a key is lost or stolen, businesses are often on the hook for potentially huge costs to rekey. If a credential is lost or stolen, it can be de-authorized immediately to prevent use by unauthorized persons, thus eliminating the costs to re-key.

7 Intercom Systems

Intercom SystemsCommunicate from room to room and enjoy music in each room with one convenient intercom system. We have a complete selection of home intercom systems wired and wireless.

These complete home intercom system packages come with everything to get started, you simply add additional room stations or doorbell stations for a custom system to meet your needs.

8 Phone/Data Networking Solutions

Phone Data Networking SolutionsStructured cabling infrastructures provide the cabling necessary to seamlessly link computers and other network-able devices. Your structured cabling system provides the critical foundation for your business. Our structured cabling systems provide outstanding performance, reliability, manageability, and a potential for growth. Share files faster and more conveniently without the use of CDs or the newer USB keys. You also can share equipment such as a printer, scanner or CD burner. Computer networks are no longer just for computers either, there is a growing list of devices that can benefit from network connections.

Media Center Extenders, DVD Management systems can simultaneously stream multiple movies from your DVD collection throughout the home. NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives are also a wonderful and easy way to backup computers, photo collections, music and movie collections, etc.

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