Protech is based in Guelph with 15 years of security installation experience in the Greater Toronto Area. Ours technicians are professionally trained and certified.

Protech will install a premium quality system tailored to your specific needs. Our monitoring fees are often less than half of our competitors.

At Protech we know that communication is the key to customer satisfaction. Whatever your home or business requires in electrical or low voltage equipment, we believe the most important part of the job is to understand your needs and expectations. We are here to help our clients understand the products, so they will always be an easy to use convenience and an enjoyable addition to your home or office for many years. Technologies are continuously changing, keeping up with the changes and options are our business. You will find our products provide a convenient, simplified and safer life style. You’d be surprised to learn what can be done in your home.

About Protech Security Solutions and Services
Our large company competitors make their money from offering bare bones systems, sometimes claiming to install this system for free in order to trap customers into paying hefty monthly monitoring fees. Even when the contract expires, the customer is often left with an ineffective system. Any upgrade to the system is met with large price premiums.


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  • Protech Security installed all the wiring and backbone equipment for my data and phone infrastructure. They did a very clean and tidy install. Would recommend them to others.

  • Excellent customer service. Would recommend Protech Security for anybody looking for a clean and professional security system.

  • Protech Security Solutions provided a professional and easy to use video security system for my business and residence. I can even watch my cottage from any where in the world.